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A felony conviction prevents you from obtaining employment, housing, and licensure.  Private employers, governmental organizations, and landlords conduct criminal background checks.  Penal Code 1203.4 provides a process for me to file a petition with the court on your behalf to have your felony conviction expunged.  Once the court grants the petition your original conviction will be set aside and dismissed allowing you to confidently apply for jobs, housing, and licensure.  Once the court expunges your felony conviction you will be able to legally and honestly answer that you have never been convicted of a felony. 

I specialize in felony expungements under Penal Code 1203.4, which allows me to offer expert legal services at an affordable fixed price.  I am confident I can help you.  I offer a 100% money back guarantee on my felony expungement service. 

Unique Tailored Approach to Felony Expungement

No two felony cases are exactly the same.  It is critical that you hire an attorney that fully understands California's felony record clearing laws.  My tailored approach allows me to craft the most persuasive arguments to present to the court giving you the best chance at a successful outcome in your felony expungement case. 

Trusted Felony Expungement Experience 

Since 2010 I have successfully won hundreds of expungement cases.  I take great pride in providing top-notch customer service throughout the felony expungement process.  I have helped hundreds of clients expunge their felony convictions from their record.

No Hidden Fees, No Gamesmanship

Beware of law firms with hidden fees for felony expungement services (e.g., processing fees, filing fees, hearing fees, etcetera).  You should know exactly what you are paying up front for your felony expungement service without having to call to obtain pricing.  I offer fixed low pricing for felony expungement, which means everything is included in my pricing.  I do not have hidden fees, gamesmanship, or surprises down the road.  My single low price covers everything from start to finish with no hidden fees. 

Communication Matters

You may have had difficulty getting a hold of your past attorney or found it nearly impossible to get a case update.  I am different.  I understand your desire to know what is going on with your case, and I make open communication a cornerstone of my practice.  I will keep you updated with all the important events that transpire throughout the felony expungement process.  You can always contact me by phone or e-mail.  I strive to return inquiries within 24 hours. 

Criminal Database Updating After Felony Expungement

Criminal databases used for employment background checks, both private and public, are automatically updated within 30 days after your felony expungement is complete.  You should never pay a company or law firm for any service claiming to “expedite” this updating process.

Felony Reduction to Misdemeanor

If your felony qualifies for felony reduction to a misdemeanor under Penal Code 17(b), I will file a petition for a reduction at the same time I file the Penal Code 1203.4 petition for expungement for only an additional $100.  See a list of felony “wobbler” offenses.  I specialize in getting tough felony cases reduced to a misdemeanor.  You can also learn more about felony reduction by visiting my felony reduction page.