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ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE                                                             

I am a San Francisco-based criminal law and entertainment law attorney.  I have been practicing law since 2000.  In Fall 2008 I left the firm where I was the senior associate to obtain an advanced law degree in entertainment law/intellectual property from U.C. Berkeley School of Law (“Boalt”).  Boalt is ranked as the number one US law school in the intellectual property (“IP”) field.  My entire coursework was in the IP field.

After passing the bar exam in 1999 (on the first attempt) I enrolled in the Music and Recording Industry program at San Francisco State University.  My entire coursework was in the music field.  I obtained a juris doctor law degree from U.C. Hastings College of the Law (“Hastings”).  Hastings is a well-respected law school particularly in California.

I obtained my bachelor of arts degree from U.C. Berkeley (“Cal.”).  I graduated with distinction from Cal.  Prior to attending Cal. I was an honors scholarship recipient at Columbia University in New York City.  I was also my high school valedictorian. 


I recover royalty (i.e., mechanical license, sound synchronization and public performance royalties) for clients from record companies.  I draft and negotiate agreements (e.g., licensing, record, personal management, band partnership).  I counsel clients on protection of their intellectual property rights (e.g., copyright, trademark, patent).  I prosecute infringement of intellectual property rights.  I send cease and desist letters to individuals who violate clients’ intellectual property rights, right of publicity, and right of privacy.  I send demonstration recordings to record labels to secure record deals for clients.  I act as mediator between client band members and between client and third parties to address disputes.

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